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A vinyl decal has three seperate pieces.


1.) The top layer-the premask.

2.) The middle layer-the decal.

3.) The bottom layer-the backing.


The top layer is thin and resembles masking tape and will be the last piece to be removed. The middle layer is the actual decal and the bottom layer has a waxy surface.


For small vinyl applications we recommend applying dry. For flat surfaces:


  • Make sure your surface is dry and clean, free of any oil and dust particles.

  • Lay your small graphic in the desired position

  • Apply masking tape to the right side if right handed, left side if left handed.

  • Carefully peel away the shinny, waxy backing from the transfer tape and discard while keeping the vinyl in position

  • Firmly "press" the graphic with a plastic applicator or stiff cardboard in one, slow, sweeping motion as you lay the graphic down. This will force air bubbles out.

  • Gently remove the transfer tape.


Puncture any small air bubbles with a needle and press down. Take your finger and carefully rub down all edges for proper adhesion. 

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