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Window Film


The benefits of installing window film in your home or business are numerous. Window film can

reduce your power consumption, provide extra privacy, make your room or office cooler while making

it more visually appealing. In most cases, your return on your investment can be in as little as

one years time. 


SIgn Studio now carries commercial and residential window film from Solar Gard,

a leading manufacturer in the window film industry. We also offer Saftey and Security window film

against burglary and storm damage.


Contact us today for a demonstration and product comparison at 786 3389. We believe you will be suprised at the many benefits Solar Gard window film has for you and your home or business.














About Solar Gard:

Solar Gard is the first manufacturer of window films to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The EPD is based on a life cycle analysis of the cradle-to-grave impacts of Solar Gard’s products and fulfills the requirements of an ISO-compliant product category rule. The results are third-party verified per international standards (ISO 14044 and ISO 14025). Similar to a food label, an EPD provides a user with information on the environmental impacts and benefits of products.

Solar Gard window film we highly recomend:


Slate 30

Offers you substantial heat and glare reduction, added privacy,

and adequate natural light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable

from inside with a subtle, reflective finish outside.


TrueVue  5

A window film providing optimum clarity for stunning exterior views day and night. Backed by a 10-year commercial warranty, TrueVue 5 is the darkest shade available offering privacy, stunning visual appearance and solar performance.


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